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Catering Style and Deco

Choose Your Menu, Choose Your Style

Once you’ve chosen your menu, you may choose to add a catering style to polish your event.  We can set up your event using our serving trays and dishes based on your collection choice.  To take your decor to the next level, we can coordinate rental plates, tableware, glassware, and linens for a complete collection look. 


For more information and inquiries, please contact us at


Silicon Valley

White Minimal

Inspired by Silicon Valley’s history of the technology industry, this collection reflects a minimalist,  clean and smart look by using white dishware, simple glassware, and silverware. Aside from technology, Silicon Valley is adorned with trees and vegetation; we recommend using accents of greenery to add a finished touch to table decorations. 

Color Palette:  White, Green, Silver

Personality:  Modern, Fresh

Style:  Minimal, Clean


Farmhouse Chic

Home to California’s largest wine producing region, the Sonoma collection exerts warmth and elegance, and a farmhouse aesthetic. For this look, we recommend warm colors, and elegant glassware with gold accents.

Color Palette:  White, Gold Accent, Deep Red/Gold/Orange/Berry

Personality:  Mix of Simplicity and Elegance

Style:  Elegant Glassware, Farmhouse Chic



The Oakland collection is inspired by the city’s rich culture, artistic influences, and urban essence. For this look, we recommend rich colors and high contrast. Elements of wood and greenery tie this look all back to the beauty of the Bay Area!

Color Palette:  Rose Gold, Black, Wood, Green (rich colors)

Personality:  Natural elegance, urban touches

Style:  Natural, deeper woods, succulents

Event Add-Ons

We offer event add-on’s, including a variety of food, drink, or dessert stations to give your event that extra spark and fun factor. Please contact for inquiries or more information.


Donut Wall

Dessert Station

Mimosa or Mocktails

Fruit or Veggie Bar

Cookie Array

Cotton Candy Treats

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