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cooking tips

  • I have many styles of aprons. But my favorite or most go-to apron is my black chef‘s apron.  It hides all my stains and washes well, and to me, it gets better with time.

  • Always read your complete recipe before you start cooking, and then re-read it again.

  • I encourage you to use your measuring spoons and cups, especially for beginners, it saves you time.

  • Clean as you cook. One of my favorite thing about my Grandmother and something that I do to this day is when my Grandmother cooked, no matter what it was she cleaned as she cooked, and she made a sink full of soapy hot water with a cap full of bleach added.

  • Try to never serve a dish that you have not tasted before you serve it.

  • Small Bite Tip: To keep your butter from burning in your pan add a small squeeze of lemon. 

  • Do not be afraid of salt; it pulls the flavors out of your dishes. Cook with kosher salt and season with sea salt.

blackberry copy.png
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