...As someone who spent seven years in the hospitality industry and who now manages multiple teams, the way leaders treat their teams is very important to me. While munching on one of her dishes, I observed René demonstrating some model leadership traits. She led by example in rolling her sleeves up and doing the hard work. She encouraged her newer staff members (I remember meeting her niece) to jump in and give the serving role a try. Finally, she worked hard and was professional while still enjoying herself. It doesn’t take long to see that René is passionate about her craft - something that rubs off on her team members.


               If that wasn’t enough, as the event was ending, I stepped back by the service area and asked René if there was a “doggie bag” that I could take home. Unbeknownst to me, the team had pretty much packed up the food and was breaking down equipment behind-the-scenes. It didn’t matter to René - even though I insisted that she not worry about my request, René asked me to wait for her as she went to the back to personally arrange a take home plate for me. I find the combination of all these qualities - amazing food, hard work, personable and professional demeanor, ability to have fun, attention to detail and a guest-first mindset - is rare in an era of hospitality where some entrepreneurs cut corners, watch clocks and treat their team members like anything but co-owners of their company’s success...


              Our staff hosted the first annual Legacy Brunch for the Southeast Community Facility Commission here in Bayview Hunters Point San Francisco. For the experience to justify spending hours in travel and a significant registration fee, our service, not just our programmatic content, needed to be top-notch.

Blackberry Soul Fine Catering handled our brunch menu with love. Food can make or break an event and our participants raved over the quality, exquisite flavor of the food and service Blackberry Soul Fine Catering provided. It exceeded our/their expectations and was vastly better than typical brunch food.

For my staff, Blackberry Soul Fine Catering worked within my restricted budget to create a fantastic menu of options. They also lightened my load by handling all the arrangements for tables, linens, service items – including setup and tear-down. Blackberry Soul and its team are professional, reliable, & provide

high-quality service and will absolutely get my business again.

              ...Rene has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. I've worked with her on about six events at Google, all of which varied in size and scale. We've partnered on internal events at Google for 300 to 500 Googlers. She provided excellent service and we received positive feedback for the food on every occasion. However, our largest event, Google SoulFest, is where Rene and Blackberry Soul demonstrated their largest impact. Google SoulFest had about 800 guests at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland. She crafted the VIP experience, which included cuisine, beverages, and decor. 

Rene is my preferred caterer for all of my events due to her professionalism, punctuality, and superior service. I've recommended her to several of my colleagues due to the quality of her service. 

                  “When you have an important event that you need catered the food is ALWAYS what people walk away talking about. And Blackberry Soul Fine Catering is ALWAYS a hit! When we throw a catered event we only use Blackberry Soul because Rene crafts real food that will settle the soul and inspire the mind. 

Blackberry Soul is the flavor of your grandmothers’ cooking; delicious, bright, wholesome food that makes you feel at home wherever you are! We have worked with Blackberry Soul numerous times and without fail Rene and her team go above and beyond in presentation, quality, service, and taste!” 


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