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All dessert items can be made in bite size.


All cakes can be made into cupcakes.


For special cake requests, please inquire.

Sweet Potato Pie  (14 x 10” pan)

Apple Betty  (14 x 10” pan)


Peach Cobbler  (14 x 10” pan)


Blackberry Cobbler  (14 x 10” pan)


Banana Pudding  (14 x 10” pan)


Old Fashioned Pound Cake  (8” round)


Smooth Red Velvet Cake  (8” round)

German Chocolate Cake  (8” round)


Best Ever Carrot Cake  (8” round)

Momma Cake (old fashioned yellow cake)  (8" round)



Hand Pies


Blackberry, Peach, Apple





Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal, Oatmeal Raisin





Blackberry Jam


Red Velvet with German Chocolate Frosting


Yellow Cake with German Chocolate Frosting


Key Lime

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