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Thursday, May 6, 2021


I was blessed with the opportunity to prepare my signature "Vegan Creamy Grit with a Fresh Tomato Succotash accompanied with a Vegan Sausage" . Check the full recipe from here.

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ABC Sacramento | Your California Life Morning Show


Chef Rene Johnson has catered many events in the Greater Bay Area and Los Angeles. She has prepared food and desserts for many of our prominent politicians and official figures as well as local and visiting talent and celebrities.

Here are some of the amazing people that have experienced Chef Rene Johnson and Blackberry Soul Catering

Vice President Kamala Harri

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

Author & Activist Dr. Cornel West

Actor Danny Glover

Congresswoman Barbara Lee

California Governor Gavin Newsom


Toni Tony Tone

No Name

Bravo Network

Marshawn Lynch

Will Downing


and many more

My signature healthy southern-inspired comfort foods have fed guests at countless exclusive soirees from Washington to Hollywood.

California Governor  Gavin Newsom

Juneteenth at congresswoman Barbara Lee’s Home
Gavin Newsom
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June 1, 2021 

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may 20, 2021

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