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The Team

           Blackberry Fine Catering is a full service catering and event planning company. We cater concerts, weddings, corporate events, private parties and small intimate affairs. We have on our staff an awesome team of chefs and are teamed up with an amazing group of vendors. We work with an amazing farm and offer our clients "farm to table" menus and top notch decor.

Blackberry Fine Catering believes in keeping our food simple, growing and sourcing the best ingredients and making sure to deliver the best possible service.






Rene Johnson's Soul Fusion style is reinventing traditional soul food cuisine. Influenced by her wide array of international experiences and traditional southern techniques instilled in her since childhood, Rene is upgrading the soul food genre by using healthier & organic ingredients combined with gourmet accouterments. Her concept of soul food is more than the fat enriched specialty dishes from the historical southern US States. Her recipes cover an array of culinary cuisines and cultures. She has developed a love for making amazing vegetarian and vegan dishes without losing the soul.

Her soul food is about the "passion and love" that is put into food no matter what part of the world you come from. Johnson's passion for the culinary world knows no boundaries from creating new recipes, to teaching culinary arts, presenting at live cooking demonstrations, keynote-speaking engagements and in the digital world where she engages with her online community. Johnson presumes to share her love of modern Southern flare by bringing home her passion for soul food and the amazing experiences shared through the act of enjoying a meal with family and friends.



Blackberry Soul often works along a group of up and coming chefs. Through these culinary collaborations we give newly trained chefs an opportunity to further their training and present beautiful food to our clients. They assist from menu planning to food preparation. We maintain a high culinary standard with the love of teaching, growing and sharing. 


We often also have guest Chefs. It's nice to share with those in your trade and any day in the BB Soul Kitchen you can find a diverse group of Chefs, Cooks, Interns or just family creating and eating together.


From all of these variables, we offer a wide range of cuisines and special twists of traditional recipes. The most delicious creations and ideas are produced when we put our heads and hearts together. We are all excited about our culinary endeavors to come and sharing some of the perfected works of our stars!




Our Cater Waiters are everything from hospitable to fun and exciting. We've assembled a large team that can handle any size event. Our wait staff are professional, hospitable and enthusiastic to assist. We maintain a high level of professionalism offering employment opportunities to the creme de la creme of wait staff as well as those that need further training.


We also do our best to reach back into our local communities and offer experience and career opportunities to support our local economy.

Looking for an opportunity?

We are always accepting applications from new talent, Chefs, Sioux Chefs, Bartenders,

Bussers, General Labor.

Send us your resume

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