blackberry soul presents social distancing events

pick up and go brunch

 Friday, november 6th

sunday, NOvember 22nd

check out the info below

We are doing pop up bbq's and pop up brunches regularly, check our ig and fb for updates. see the info below and book your slot today! 

How it will work

1. Click the Book Me Link below to schedule a time to pick up.

2. Once you arrive at your designated time slot which is limited to ten per space. All social distancing guidelines will remain in effect.

There will be options when you book to further let us know how to help you on your way.


Yes, there will be music and good vibes but there will be no hanging out. 

3. You will pay at pick up :

november 6th | friday night bbq

november 22 | breakfast at my place pop up brunch



Please enjoy your food at home. You'll make the same "ooh" and "ahh" sounds while you eat. But you will be safe while doing it. 

If you bought tickets for the event on March 15th. We have sent you an email for a chance to

redeem your voucher at the next three pick up and go events or after the covid situation has settled. 

If you would like to donate your ticket to my small business Please let me know.

we thank you so much for your support.


Tel: (866) 278-8688

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